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My Sweetie Pie is a young children's brand born at the beginning of 2018.

Andrea is the founder of My Sweetie Pie, who has always loved everything that revolved around the world of babies, fantasizing at a young age a small colorful world of her own dedicated to children.


The push came at the age of 27, after becoming Samuele's mother in 2017.

Initially our goal was our iconic personalized, certified and safe pacifier chains for our children.

While the focus is still on our popular dummy chains, we are also continuing to develop our range of products for babies and toddlers 0-5y.

From the outset our aim has been to make it easier for any new parent to handle a baby or toddler by making high quality products using the best possible materials.

All combined with a unique and essential design without sacrificing the pleasant aesthetic taste.

Andrea strongly desired to test each item with his children before putting it into production, this to provide all parents with items that fit the real needs of a child.

My Sweetie Pie is a brand that looks to the future of families and the comfort of babies.

Andrea con i suoi bambini

Hi everyone and welcome to My Sweetie Pie!

My name is Andrea and I am the mother of two children, Samuele 2 years and Ludovica 6 months.

I have always loved children and the whole world of accessories.

I am a creative soul and when I became a mother, I started making some pacifier chains for him and his "Tuto", which is what his hickey still calls!

Every pacifier holder that I made for him I published on my personal facebbok profile and in a short time I started to collect many requests.

My Mum friends loved my creations.

It had become my hobby, a beautiful, relaxing pastime that gave me a lot of satisfaction.

The ideas in my head multiplied, the articles to be added were more and more and with the arrival of Ludovica, I understood that my dream was becoming real!

So I decided to quit my office job and to dedicate myself body and soul to this wonderful world made of refined and perfect accessories for our children.

All the items you find here at My Sweetie Pie have a great deal of research to find the best certified fabrics and materials suitable for the little ones.

Power! What are you waiting for? Enter My Sweetie Pie, you won't regret it!

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